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If your business is operational, you may have business relationships of different kinds, employees and/or contractors, and maybe 3rd party vendors. As information is passed from one party to another, this creates risk. Not every interaction will pass through a secure funnel or be received and handled in a secure way. Third Party Risk Assessment evaluates small and large security measures that must meet compliance standards, which is critical for business operations

bitsight cyber security dashboard app
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BitSight enhances the tactics and methods that organizations understand and manage security risk. BitSight is utilized by Fortune 500, top investment banks, cyber insurers and over 1,000 customers.

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Coyote Brown
Let's Talk Cyber

We are a Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory Firm composed of highly experienced strategic cybersecurity advisors and consultants helping clients maintain a healthy cyber security posture.

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Reducing Cyber Risk for Organizations Worldwide

A supplier of a competitive third-party cyber risk management platform that identifies, evaluates, and monitors enterprise-level cyber security, CyberGRX sets the standard on automation and analytics to provide valuable solutions preventing security threats.

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Kenna Security

Kenna Security saves you time and money, and helps your Security and IT teams work more efficiently.