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Cyber security threat mitigation defines the processes your organization has in place to prevent security incidents and limit the extent of damage caused when attacks happen.

The primary components of a mitigation plan are prevention, identification and remedy. If you have process, practices, tools and action plans in place to prevent potential attacks, quickly and accurate identify threats or vulnerabilities, and strategies to quickly remedy any active attacks, then you can greatly mitigate the severity of the cyber attacks on your business. 

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Coyote Brown
Let's Talk Cyber

We are a Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory Firm composed of highly experienced strategic cybersecurity advisors and consultants helping clients maintain a healthy cyber security posture.

cynet mdr xdr managed detection
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Cynet is a pioneer and leader in advanced threat detection and response

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Deepwatch is a solution to businesses requiring additional resources in managed security services through theri SecOps cloud platform

extrahop computer security
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ExtraHop provides trustworthy solutions in advanced AI technology for supply chain risks, zero-day exploits, and advanced threats.

foresite mssp soc cyber response
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Hello! We are your security partner.

Foresite is a worldwide security solutions and consulting provider that assists organizations to obtain security and compliance objectives. Foresite's combines vigilence with expert analysis to keep cyber-attacks minimal.

expel cyber saas soc service
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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) SOC as a Service

Expel - Transparent SaaS (SOC as a Service)