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What You Need To Know

A Vendor Risk Assessment strategizes with a company to know the types of risks they are impacted by as they utilize third party vendors' services and/or products. Various risk types are associated and vetted, including cybersecurity, information security, and compliance.

Who Requires It?

Any organization that uses third party vendors to assist in company operations.


Three major factors are to be considered during a Vendor Risk Management Assessment: Identify the threat(s), determine the vulnerability of the system being attacked, supply value to the risk. Benefits include reducing long-term costs, formatting and establishing the Vendor Risk Management Assessment process for future use, avoiding possible data breaches and compliance issues; minimizing systems downtime and data loss

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BitSight enhances the tactics and methods that organizations understand and manage security risk. BitSight is utilized by Fortune 500, top investment banks, cyber insurers and over 1,000 customers.

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We are a Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory Firm composed of highly experienced strategic cybersecurity advisors and consultants helping clients maintain a healthy cyber security posture.

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Reducing Cyber Risk for Organizations Worldwide

A supplier of a competitive third-party cyber risk management platform that identifies, evaluates, and monitors enterprise-level cyber security, CyberGRX sets the standard on automation and analytics to provide valuable solutions preventing security threats.